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Our Precision Medicine Company

We are solely focused on pioneering precision-based kidney medicines.

Welcome to Goldfinch Bio

With our sole focus on kidney diseases, we aspire to be the world’s leading precision medicine kidney company. Patients often have limited therapeutic options that target the underlying cause of disease. Our solution to address this growing need is applying precision medicine to pioneer the discovery, development and commercialization of kidney disease treatments. The goal of precision medicine is not only to advance more effective and targeted medicines, but also to reduce the potential for harm and reduce healthcare costs arising from unnecessary treatments.


Our Precision Medicine Product Engine: Driving Subset Classification


The foundation of our approach is our product engine through which we are interrogating drivers of disease and advancing precision medicines that specifically target those drivers. Our product engine allows us to identify, validate and drug novel targets aimed at treating subsets of patients within a heterogeneous kidney disease, based on common characteristics.

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Driving Subset Classification