GFB-887 for TRPC5-Rac1-Mediated FSGS

GFB-887 is a precision-based, podocyte-targeting, small molecule inhibitor of TRPC5, designed specifically to treat individuals with kidney diseases associated with an over-activation of the TRPC5-Rac1 pathway. GFB-887 is designed to reduce proteinuria and maintain podocyte number without modulating blood pressure.

GFB-887’s differentiating attributes

Urinary Rac1 biomarker has the potential to predict a subset of patients most likely to respond to treatment

Mechanism of action is a clinically validated pathway shown to be implicated in kidney diseases


Once-daily, orally administered improving ease of use and patient compliance

Non-immunosuppressant unlike other therapies used by people with FSGS

Mechanism of GFB-887

We believe approximately 60-70% of individuals with FSGS can attribute their disease to activation of the TRPC5-Rac1 pathway leading to podocyte injury, podocyte loss, and kidney failure.