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Replay of Goldfinch Bio Virtual Event

The Unmet Need in FSGS and GFB-887 as a Novel Precision Medicine Candidate

Originally hosted on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. ET


Anthony Johnson, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Goldfinch Bio

Katherine Tuttle, M.D.
Exec. Director for Research, Providence Health Care
Professor of Medicine, Univ. of Washington
Investigator, GFB-887 Phase 2 Trial

The Feeder - A Goldfinch Bio Interview Series

Check out our new interview series, The Feeder. We’re speaking with people impacted by kidney disease, and a wide range of experts who are driving change, innovation and hope in the kidney space.

The Feeder

June 2021: Hon. William "Mo" Cowan speaks with CEO Tony Johnson

GFB Board member, "Mo" Cowan speaks with CEO Tony Johnson about the evolving biotech landscape.

The Feeder

April 2021: Josh Tarnoff speaks with CEO Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, MD, speaks with Josh Tarnoff, CEO of NephCure, about the promise of targeted therapies for kidney disease.

The Feeder

March 2021: Kirk Campbell, MD speaks with Liron Walsh, MD

Liron Walsh, MD speaks with Kirk Campbell, MD about his work and the evolving innovation landscape in nephrology.

The Feeder

February 2021: Jill H Speaks with CEO Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, MD, speaks with Jill, a member of our FSGS Patient Advisory Board, about managing life with FSGS.

Kidney Month 2021 Patient Panel

In commemoration of National Kidney Month, our Patient Advisory Board members graciously joined us for a virtual panel discussion to discuss their experience living with FSGS. We present the discussion in three parts below. We invite you to listen and learn from these inspiring individuals and their powerful stories.

2021 Kidney Month Panel

Part 1 of 3: Introductions and Personal Stories of Living with FSGS

Dine, Jill, Shannon and Kent share their personal, journeys from diagnosis with FSGS to today.

2021 Kidney Month Panel

Part 2 of 3: Current Treatment Options and Unmet Need in FSGS

Our Board members describe their experiences with treatment options currently available to those diagnosed with FSGS.

2021 Kidney Month Panel

Part 3 of 3: Hope for the Future

Our Board members share their hopes for the future and explain why the time is now to shine a spotlight on kidney diseases.

Goldfinch Bio and NephCure Explore Key Topics

Our President and CEO Tony Johnson, MD, recently explored a range of key topics with Josh Tarnoff, President and CEO of NephCure Kidney International, including the promise of targeted therapies for people with kidney diseases, strategies for driving clinical trial participation, engaging the patient perspective, and tackling racial disparities in kidney disease.


Part 1: Kidney Disease Treatments: Historical Perspectives and Recent Progress

Tony and Josh discuss the recent progress that has been made in developing innovative medicines for kidney disease.


Part 2: Understanding the Heterogeneity of Nephrotic Syndrome and its Underlying Causes

Tony and Josh discuss the future of precision medicines to target subsets of patients most likely to respond.


Part 3: Connecting the Patient Community with Clinical Trials

Tony and Josh discuss the patient community's response to an increase in focus on kidney disease drug development.


Part 4: African Americans and Kidney Disease

Tony and Josh discuss initiatives aimed at overcoming health and clinical trial participation disparities.

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GFB Introduction: NephCure Patient Summit 2021

Tony Johnson and Amanda Grandinetti discuss why GFB is committed to Saving Kidneys and Ending Dialysis.

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